Daft about Graft: YMCA Launches Job Club

YMCA Newcastle Launches New Job Club Aiming To Get Young People Into Employment   Thanks to National Lottery players YMCA Newcastle will launch their newest project, Daft About Graft – a youth-led job club that aims to support young people into employment and apprenticeships. The charity pledges to tackle youth unemployment- a growing problem in…



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We firmly believe that everyone is capable of great things but to achieve them they need three things; the opportunity, the resources to be able take the opportunity and the support to make the most of it. I invite you, the reader, to reflect on your successes. Who created that opportunity, who enabled you to…



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Redecorating, Residentials and Rowdy Kids And another post immediately follows! Yes, I know my posting continuity leaves room for improvement. But I have a good excuse (or two or three) for uploading two posts in one day after an eternity of complete silence. It’s been a few busy weeks, give me a break! Excuse number…



YMCA Newcastle Fights Poverty on our Doorstep

YMCA Newcastle, an independent charity supporting young people aged 11-25 has pledged to continue its fight against poverty in the region. The charity has been working in Newcastle since 1849 and helped 2,583 young people in the areas of support, housing, health, well-being and employability last year. They have pledged to increase the number of young people…