We believe our donors and supporters deserve a clear, accurate breakdown of our expenditure so that they can be confident that their donations provide the best value for our young people.

We are an independent charity: we are a member of the national YMCA federation, but we maintain separate legal and financial independence. Consequently, we are responsible for raising all of our funds ourselves and our supporters play a huge role in helping us to be there for young people!

Budget breakdown

93p of every £1.00 donated to us is spent directly on our services for young people. 

We are appealing for funds to support our youth work and community activities across the City. Council and Government funding now represents just 2% of our annual revenue and we need your help to ensure we can continue to support our community and its young people.

We are proud to match every £35 donated to us with £75 of income we earn from our property assets and social enterprises. Your donations will help us to achieve sustainability while simultaneously supporting young people.

For more information about our finances, please contact us at enquiries@ymcanewcastle.com or telephone 0191 276 5327.

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