Field and Forest pledge to support YMCA Newcastle social enterprises

YMCA Newcastle are really excited to be partnering with Field and Forest! YMCA Newcastle’s social enterprise, Urban Mushrooms – our urban farm that specialises in growing gourmet Oyster mushrooms on used coffee grounds and employs disadvantaged young people as employees to help them access the world of work, will soon be able to support even more…



Daft about Graft

We are about to apply for funding from The People’s Projects fund to help develop our employability programme. Previous funding from The Big Lottery Fund Awards for All scheme allowed us to run a weekly Job Club at our SPACE2… centre and train 6 young people to be work coaches. We got 65% of our…



Handy-Person Volunteer Needed

YMCA Newcastle deliver a range of support services to over 2000 young people every year. Because of the amount of work we do our buildings need looking after. Tasks may include; painting, carpentry, electrical work, gas work and plumbing. We are looking for a volunteer with good DIY skills, or even better a qualified trades…



YMC A-hoy!

A group of 10 young people from our Walker Project have finished their 5 day sailing expedition! They have had to battle the wet and cold of the trip but fought through it to achieve their goals. The trip went ahead thanks to the generosity of our funders. The young people also helped with the…



Discovering YMCA Newcastle’s Young People From The Past

We’ve recently rediscovered a plaque commemorating the lives of 100 young men that lost their lives fighting in the 1st World War. The plaque has been stored in a lift shaft in one of our previous properties for the past 40 years. Thanks to funding from the National Lottery and to commemorate the centenary of…




Do you know the law when it comes to the age of consent and viewing sexual content? The law is confusing, especially when it comes to the age of consent! So we’ve create a short guide to make it easier for you to understand. It’s illegal to create, make or share sexual images or content…



The Toon Army: Newcastle’s Young People in WWI

Young people at YMCA Newcastle will be venturing into the past back to World War 1 to discover the lives of 100 young members of YMCA Newcastle who died while serving 100 years ago. We recently discovered a plaque inside an elevator shaft in one of our former properties. The plaque is engraved with the…



Hungry No More!

Over the 6 weeks holidays, our Holiday Hunger campaign has been in full swing to help hungry children in Walker. To make sure we could help as many young children as we could, we set the target high at £500. We would like to say a huge thank you to the generous donations given to…



Interview Top Tips

Job interviews can be a daunting experience, especially if its your first time at an interview! At YMCA Newcastle we believe that every young person has the right to achieve their full potential, so we’ve put together a guide of some of our interview top tips to help you land your dream job: 1. Predict…



Be Real: Great Expectations Research

The Be Real campaign is determined to change attitudes to body image and help all of us put health above appearance and be confident in our bodies. It is a national movement made up of individuals, schools, businesses, charities and public bodies. A recent report written by YMCA England & Wales investigates the origins of body image…