19 March 2020

We’re facing some crazy times right now. Everyday we are being bombarded with pretty shocking developments on the news, and as for social media we have no idea if what we’re reading is fact or fiction. 

Some of us may be panicking and worried about just how much the Coronavirus is going to impact our lives, and some of us might be thinking that the measures that are being taken are unneeded. Let’s not get into a debate about that though, as I’m sure one thing we can all agree on is that the next few weeks (and possibly months!) are going to take a serious toll on our physical and mental health and well-being.

To try and help you to cope over the next few weeks we’ve compiled a list of some ways that marvellous mushrooms can help to keep you well during self-isolation; 

1. Mushrooms come with loads of health benefits!

We’re all trying to stay fit and healthy at the moment, and are following Government and NHS guidance on washing our hands and improving our hygiene to keep the Coronavirus away and reducing social contact. But, did you know that mushrooms can actually boost your immune system!? 

Studies have found that eating mushrooms daily can improve your immunity in ways that are not found in pharmaceutical drugs, and many mushrooms have anti-inflammatory power. In fact, a study published by Nutrition found that eating mushrooms may help to prevent respiratory infections! You can read more about these studies here.

Who knew, a mushroom a day keeps the doctor away?

2. Mushrooms aren’t just beneficial to your physical health, they can help your mental well-being as well.

So, we’ve highlighted a few ways that mushrooms can help you physically but we believe that they can also work wonders on your mental wellbeing as well. 

It’s an extremely stressful time, we’re all worried about what is going to happen next and anxious about any impact Covid-19 may have on ourselves, our family and our friends. Not to mention that those of us self-isolating are going to struggle from the lack of social interaction, fresh air and routine. And, even though we love them, being cooped up with our nearest and dearest is undoubtedly going to drive lots of us up the wall! 

This is all going to have a negative impact on our mental health, but we think taking some time out and focussing on trying out a new recipe featuring some tasty ‘shrooms could really help your mental well-being. Giving yourself some space and focussing on something you enjoy can help you to forget about whatever it was that was making you feel stressed or anxious. Learning a new recipe (and it tasting great!) can give you a real sense of achievement which boosts your confidence, which in-turn improves your mental wellbeing. 

See this great blog by Mind about improving your mental wellbeing for more. 

3. Make self-isolation fun by growing your very own mushrooms in just 2 weeks!

Being stuck inside and avoiding social contact is going to get pretty boring pretty fast, but it’s important for our own health and well-being and those around us that we try to stay safe. A good way of combating this is by doing some things that we enjoy.

A great way to occupy yourself could be growing your very own oyster mushrooms at home in just 2 weeks! Our grow kits are delivered in the post, so no need to venture out to the shops, and come ready to grow. All you need to do is submerge to bag in water for a night and water everyday with the spray bottle provided. After a few days you’ll notice your mushrooms beginning to pin, you can watch them double in size every day and in just 2 weeks you’ll have a bouquet of oyster mushrooms ready to harvest.

Like we’ve already said, trying a new recipe is a great way to spend some me-time and focus on your mental well-being, so why not use your homegrown mushrooms in a new dish? Whatever you decide to try your culinary skills at you know that it’s great for your physical health and immunity. 


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