22 August 2018

Job interviews can be a daunting experience, especially if its your first time at an interview! At YMCA Newcastle we believe that every young person has the right to achieve their full potential, so we’ve put together a guide of some of our interview top tips to help you land your dream job:

1. Predict what will happen

Most recruiters will use a pretty similar selection of questions and a quick search on the internet will tell you the most likely questions that you’ll be asked at interview. Prepare some answers in advance, this way you’re less likely to be stuck for something to say.

2. Do some research

Chances are you’ll get asked if you know anything about the company your interviewing for so it’s a good idea to do some research before hand. Knowing a thing or two about your potential employer will help you out in your interview as you’ll be able to tailor your answers so they are relevant to the company.

3. Look the part

In a lot of businesses you’ll be required to dress smart so it’s a good idea to go the interview looking the part. Some jobs don’t have such a strict dress code but its best to look sharp at your interview to give a good impression.

4. Be prepared

You don’t want to be stressed out on the day of your interview so make sure you’re prepared. Have your outfit ready the night before, pack a copy of your CV and anything else you might need like certificates, pens and a notebook. Plan your journey and allow plenty of time to get there – you don’t want to get lost on the way there or be late due to bad traffic.

5. Breathe

Interviews make everybody nervous so don’t be worried if you’ve got butterflies in your stomach! Remember, an interview isn’t a test – it’s simply a conversation and your possible new employer just wants to learn a little bit about you. Take your time answering the questions and if you’ve done your research and look sharp you’re bound to impress.

6. Smile!

A smile makes a great first impression and it will make you come across as friendly and relaxed.

7. Ask a question

Interviewers will always end an interview by asking if you have a question. Make sure you prepare a couple of questions to ask about your possible future role as it will make you look genuinely interested.

8. Be positive

End the interview in a positive manner, this could be as simple as saying ‘it was a pleasure meeting you’ when leaving your interview.

Need some help finding a job?

If you’re a young person struggling to secure a job or apprenticeship YMCA Newcastle can help you. Our weekly Job Club helps you to write the perfect CV and covering letter, search for vacancies and our youth workers offer mock interviews to ensure you’ve got your interview technique down to a T.

Our Job Club runs weekly, every Monday 5-6pm at SPACE2…. Call 0191 2602923 or email space2@ymcanewcastle.com for more information.