Living a healthy, active lifestyle is important for us all It helps us maintain our weight, and can prevent health issues such as diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure later in life.

Eating well

Eating well means eating a variety of the right food in the right portion sizes and drinking enough water to maintain a healthy body weight.

NHS Eatwell guide

The NHS Eatwell Guide shows how much of what we eat overall should come from each food group to achieve a healthy, balanced diet.

You do not need to achieve this balance with every meal, but try to get the balance right over a day or even a week.

Healthy weight

Body Mass Index (BMI) is one way to measure if you have a healthy weight. This uses your height and your weight to calculate BMI.

Check out this healthy weight calculator or use the chart to find out your BMI.

If your BMI is:

below 18.5 – you’re in the underweight range 

18.5 and 24.9 – you’re in the healthy weight range 

25 and 29.9 – you’re in the overweight range 

30 and 39.9 – you’re in the obese range  


It is illegal to drink alcohol under the age of 18 in the UK. If you do choose to drink alcohol make sure you do so in a safe environment and speak to someone you trust if you have any concerns about alcohol.

Don’t forget alcohol has kcal too! And is basically like drinking sugar or carbohydrates. It is recommended you drink no more than 14 units of alcohol a week, and this consumption be done over a minimum of 3 days not all at once.
Check out this unit calculator to know more about what your drinking AND the Kcal information:

More information on Alcohol can be found on Frank.