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Your Data

While working with young people YMCA Newcastle will process personal data collected from:

  • Forms (consent forms, residential forms, etc.)
  • Verbal information
  • Questionnaires and Surveys
  • Online chats, emails, and social media
  • Photographs, videos and voice recordings.


YMCA Newcastle collects only the essential information so our staff know how best to provide information, advice and guidance that is age appropriate to our young people and safeguard them effectively. This includes:

  • Names, Dates of Birth, and Postcodes
  • Employment status, housing, family and financial information
  • Information disclosed during conversations and online chats
  • Passing on of a safeguarding issue to a 3rd party
  • Job and Volunteer applications
  • Questionnaires and surveys for funders and to improve our service

We protect your data and maintain confidentiality, unless there is a safeguarding issue where either yourself or someone else is at risk of harm. No unauthorised personnel are allowed to access the information stored either at the centre or online.

Your data may be used to produce statistics for board reports, our website and for funder reports. Your data will be anonymised, and cannot be traced back to you in our analysis.

Data will be kept as required by law after which it will be disposed of as confidential waste or deleted. Data is kept for many reasons, including as evidence for contracts and funders. We do not share your personal data unless, you consent, are at risk of harm, or is required by legislation.