Growing jobs for young people

Our Job Club at YMCA Newcastle has a proven track record of helping hundreds of young people to secure employment or training, but it’s becoming harder for local young people to get a job.

50% of local young people leave school without 5 A*-C grades and local youth unemployment is currently around 20%. Newcastle has an annual influx of 50,000 students, leading to a very competitive environment for young job seekers. Urban Mushrooms aims to tackle local youth unemployment by providing young people furthest from the labour market with employment and training opportunities.

Ethical and sustainable food production

Urban Mushrooms pioneers ethical and sustainable food production. We grow a range of speciality mushroom products using recycled coffee grounds and cardboard as the growing substrate. Mycelium is added to the substrate and left in the perfect growing conditions before being harvested by our young employees.

The used coffee grounds are collected from local coffee shops and suppliers around Newcastle. Our products include fresh mushrooms caps, powders and salts and DIY grow at home mushroom kits.

Buy your own Urban Mushrooms GrowBox

Grow your own delicious pearl grey oyster mushrooms at home in just 2 weeks with an Urban Mushrooms GrowBox.

Water daily and you will soon see your bouquet of mushrooms double in size every day.

We are Urban Mushrooms

Urban Mushrooms represents a collective of young people, local businesses and volunteers who come together to grow innovative solutions that tackle youth unemployment for those young people who are furthest from the labour market in the local community.